Monthly Archives: February 2012

Its wild out there!

Im off outside to fill up the log basket, walk the dogs, put some food out for the birds, check to see if the chickens have been blown into the next county, cheer up Draco with a couple carrots (hes sulking, he hates the wet and there are no new cows for him). Then I will check to see if the downpipes to our huge water containers are filling up and tie them back into place if the wind has moved them. Then I will make sure that none of my pregnant ewes are stuck on their rather fat backsides, make sure that the piglets and mum Peggy are tucked up with plenty of straw, take some more hay out to the last of my lambs (last years that is) dig up some leeks and spinach for tea. I might be some time!



Stephs looking like someone from the cast of the Hobbit

Sad news…

Littlest berkshire weaners died today, not so good.  He really struggled from the start.  On a brighter note his siblings all came outside for the first time today. Weather still cold not inspired to go outside…